Hi! My names Brooke and welcome to Make It Simple.

About Me

I’m an interiors obsessed introvert who loves dog walking, gardening, getting lost in a good novel and above all else OLD STUFF.  I’m a firm believer in re-using what we can and giving new life to old and tired treasures. I live by the sea with my better half and our two dogs Otis & Lucy. (This sounds idyllic but being in the north of England you still need your hat gloves and scarf in May, you learn to walk into the wind at a 45 degree angle and my dog runs off chasing something or other most days.) All that aside though it’s a very nice part of the world.

My Aim

To make my life slower, to be more creative, to re-purpose old and unloved furniture and to create a blog full of simple living, baking, DIY, gardening, interiors and up-cycling. I didn’t realise it at the time but I was fairly miserable before I started this, I was bored and I needed to flex my creative muscle and try new things out. Having this blog gives me a reason to do things, something to aim for and something to think about – I used to obsess about food and being on a diet, on what people thought of me and what else I can buy to fill the boredom. My only negative has been the increased screen time – I’ll work on this but Instagram is pretty addictive. So please check out my little patch of internet and let me know what you think. If you like it, then please share it 🙂

Written with love



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