Making our little patch of this world… Ours.

Me and Nick (The Farmer) are certainly not together because of our wealth of shared interests. In fact we couldn’t be more polar opposite, he’s calm, I’m not, he’s sports obsessed, I hate sports, he’s committed, I’m flaky, he’s down to earth, I’m in the clouds, I like crafts and long walks, he likes cows and short walks. That sounds terrible but it suits us, I’d be pretty annoyed if I had to share my sewing machine with him. And anyway we do have one shared interest… Our garden! We love it. We even spent a night near the NEC and brought the average age of Gardeners World Live down by at least 30 years.

I would really like this blog to include posts about gardening so I thought it best to introduce our little patch of this world. It isn’t what you’d call the prettiest garden. We have a huge shed / summer house that looks a little like a caravan. We can be very lazy and leave it unswept for considerable amounts of time. We have an uneven extra garden (going to be a chicken area with maybe a little veg patch) that’s currently just an expanse of mud. The wind belts around the house and slams the gates in your face. The grass is covered in dog wee patches, our soil is very heavy clay, as alkaline as you can get (pH 14) and unfortunately we have a considerable amount of couch grass. It’s safe to say our little garden of Eden exists only in my head and in Nicks incredible ability to ignore the untidiness of his surroundings.

Along with some gardening posts I’d like to document our ignorant and completely amateur attempts at turning this place into a garden we can be proud of. Somewhere we can sit out and enjoy the sunshine, or probably more appropriately for our east coast climate somewhere we can sit inside and look out upon. Neither of us has any landscaping or gardening experience so we should learn lots of lessons along the way. I’m sure there will be things we do badly or wish we’d done differently but that’s part of the process!

Here’s where we’re at so far…

The caravan…

(Before people tell me off for having the lights on in the day, they’re on a sensor and this was still very early). My plan is to place a few small trees around it so it doesn’t quite look like such a great stonking portacabin, also we need to lay some slabs in front and place a few pretty pots there. It should be a great place to sit in and enjoy the sunshine without the gale force winds. There will be a gate next to it eventually taking you through to …

The mud and weed garden… One day i hope this is alive with clucking and veg growing but for now it’s just a mess.


The rest of it…we had to lay a drain next to the path because of collecting water, Nicks grass seed hasn’t done all that well… a Farmer that can’t grow grass, who’d have thought? (He’ll kill me for this.)

We finished the patio area this summer but I’m not overly keen on the colour of the table and chairs, my mistake that. I wanted it a little less bright. A gumtree bargain it cost us £100! Thanks Brian from Nottingham.

The Patio area…This is the patio before me and dad started the raised beds. 



I love painting colours outside, they change constantly! It also makes it very difficult to pick one, you can usually find me stood in front of the Valspar stand in B&Q looking utterly confused. The table and chair colour in B&Q was a light but dull grey, as soon as it’s outside it’s a very bright very pale blue… Always use samples, lesson learnt.

These photos don’t have any filters on, the ones below were just taken later in the day.

Our ambitions, my whimsies and the future of our garden…

I’d really like an apple tree, a pear tree, a veggie patch, chickens, a donkey, a secret garden, a cut flower garden, a white garden, a large lake with a weeping willow or a Whomping Willow if possible. A eucalyptus tree, a 100 year old climbing hydrangea, a greenhouse, garden cloche, an irrigation system, a potting shed, an enchanted forest, a wind free garden, a willow hedge that won’t need trimming and last but not least a successful batch of baby carrots.

I’ve accepted that we can’t have all of these but I’m very optimistic we might get chickens and a veg patch and I’ll try my very best at everything else. There’s plenty of work left to do, in fact most of the work is left to do but we’ll get there, If you’d like to follow our garden journey then please enter your email address and subscribe 🙂 it might help me boost my 15 subscribers! By the way – a huge thank you to all of your for your support. Any keen gardeners with any ideas please get in touch!

Written with love


P.s. My grammar and spelling must be getting better, when I pasted this into word there was only 1 red wobbly line, not the usual 30.

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